I just found out Britney Spears has released her newest music video. Its title is : Hold It Against Me. I already know her newest song since a month ago, but I just know that she has released the music video. The video is uploaded on youtube on the middle of last February and until now it’s been viewed almost 17 million times.



Love her new video. She looks pretty and “normal” here…. LOL :))

I like the techno concept in this video. There are so many lcd TVs in around Britney and we can see some snippets from her past music videos there. I also like the effects and the splashed paint game.

In the middle of the storyline, there is a fighting scene. Yes, the fighting between two women wear high heels. 😀 How about the dance? No doubt, It’s Britney bitch! 🙂

OK, I don’t want to talk too much, just watch it. Check it out! 🙂