Yups, in Eid ul-Fitr (Lebaran) 2010 about a month ago, I used Garuda Indonesia to go home (mudik) from Jakarta to Yogyakarta round-trip. It became my first experience to fly with Garuda Indonesia. Finally I felt the experience flew with the one and only Indonesia’s full service airline! :)

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia

Although it’s not my first experience fly with full service airline, but for domestic trip it became the first time. I’m happy with it! :D Don’t care whatever people will say about that… :P

It can be said that I rather late to decide to buy ticket, more over holiday of Eid ul-Fitr are the most peak season in Indonesia. I bought the ticket on 3rd July 2010, about 2 months before the Eid ul-Fitr day. Many of my friends had bought the ticket about three until six months before the date! :hammer:

garuda indonesia e-ticket

e-ticket of Garuda Indonesia

I decided to buy Garuda Indonesia ticket because of the logical price that Garuda Indonesia offered. :) Jakarta – Yogyakarta, I got price at 1,362,000 IDR for economy class round-trip tickets. My flight schedule were 7th September 2010 for Jakarta-Yogyakarta and 14th September for Yogyakarta-Jakarta.
On the same dates, the other airlines offered the same price even more expensive! It didn’t matter if they are also full service airlines, but they don’t! :nohope:

I booked the ticket via e-booking facility from Garuda Indonesia website. We should be a registered user previously to make a reservation. Good news, there’s NO “Convenience Fee” when I paid by a credit card. :D

garuda indonesia boarding pass

Boarding Pass of Garuda Indonesia

Big surprise for me, my flight from Yogyakarta to Jakarta on 14th September 2010 used the aircraft with personal in-flight entertainment for each passengers! Wow, It feels like I’m going to go overseas or for long hours trip! :D (Yogyakarta – Jakarta trip is about 50-60 minutes) I’m not sure with the type of aircraft that I used, it could be Airbus A330-200 or Boeing 737-800. :)

garuda indonesia Personal in-flight Entertainment

Personal in-flight Entertainment

Garuda Indonesia in-flight meal

in-flight meal (snack)

The standard facilities of Garuda Indonesia flight are 20K baggage, free newspaper, in-flight snack (or meal for long hours trip) and beverage.

Yeah, I really enjoy it!! ;)