Do you think it’s a little bit difficult to find the Google Chrome offline installer? Of course, I guess, because I had proven it!! πŸ˜€ By default, Google does not provide the full copy of Google Chrome offline installer. If you go to this page : and choose to start the download process, you will get ChromeSetup.exe (size : 576kb) which is NOT a full copy installer.

After you start install Chrome use the ChromeSetup.exe, you must be connected to the internet for get a full copy installer file. I think it’s not very simple method if you want to install Google Chrome web browser in many PC’s. πŸ˜€

google chrome

Finally, after I googled for some times, I found it! I find a link to download Google Chrome full copy offline installer (standalone). The link still from Google Chrome website itself ( but very difficult to be accessed directly :hammer: ), so it’s a (latest) official version too!

You can go to here : Google Chrome Offline Installer.

That Google Chrome Offline installer file will work on all Operating Systems. It’s size is about 22 MB. Hope this post may be useful! πŸ˜‰